Welcome to Duckworks

Some time last month I sent an email to Chuck mentioning my new, almost-never-visited web site about sailing here around Prince Edward Island. I am totally amazed to see that I had had over 150 visits in the last day or two! Apparently last Friday my note included a link to this site and appeared in ‘July Letters’ (I could never figure out why the title is always off by a month). I have been part of the Duckworks clan for about a decade and written several articles for the magazine (radar reflectors, review of his LED running lights and stern light, and building bow pulpits, lifelines, and a mast). I hope some of you will come back in the future.

To a few of you who posted comments, I want to sincerely apologize…I deleted several of your comments as spam because I have gotten so cynical of the endless Viagra links and vague comments that had nothing to do with sailing. In my sleepy condition this morning I somehow assumed the spammers had developed a new strategy to copy in longer text blocks from other sailing sites to make them look legitimate…I regret to say I dumped several that were sincere comments and can’t recover them. I also can’t say why my  WordPress settings seem to classify all comments in as spam. I promise to look more carefully at any incoming comments from here on out!