About me (Tom Schultz)

My roots were in the USA (Connecticut, Chicago-area, Connecticut, New Jersey, Upstate New York, and finally Indiana), but about the time I retired my wife and I were drawn to Prince Edward Island–an island province in Atlantic Canada. We bought an old house there in 2000 and, over the next few years transitioned from visitors to residents to citizens. I wrote in detail about those early days on the island in Prince Edward Island Seen “From Away”.  For many years remodelling the house, improving the woods around on the 50 acres, and improving a newly-acquired sailboat took up much of my time.

In 2008 I became a “publisher“…mostly of small-run books about Prince Edward Island along with the one technical college textbook that drove me to it. Layout and photo manipulation have fascinated me from the days at Purdue University where my associates called me “font-man” because of my love affair with Microsoft WORD and styles. Most of my layouts are done in Adobe Framemaker because it handles large, complex documents better than WORD. The photo editing is done in Adobe Photoshop Elements now.

The fatal flaw to my publishing is the lack of marketing–for that each author is on their own at this point, but local-interest books can be sold in local gift shops. With two of my own non-local-interest books in the works I had the thought that developing blogs would be a modern marketing tool–traditional bookstore marketing seems unreachable and probably ineffective for my books. I am beginning two blogs–one about sailing and one about Scripture and theology–in hopes of discovering ways to grow interest for books that need a wider market. If you have come to this page then perhaps the strategy is beginning to work!

If you too are interested in blogging, perhaps some of my web-development posts will be of interest. I find the process to be like peeling on onion–a layer at a time–as I get the basic Word Press machinery running and then find more and more features to add.

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