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I am trying the Disqus plug-in for comments in hopes that it will encourage more comments and block the multitude of spam that I have to delete every day. If it asks you for a login or some special procedure, my experience is that only once will do it for all sites that use it, but if you have trouble, please email me at


Welcome to Duckworks

Some time last month I sent an email to Chuck mentioning my new, almost-never-visited web site about sailing here around Prince Edward Island. I am totally amazed to see that I had had over 150 visits in the last day or two! Apparently last Friday my note included a link to this site and appeared in ‘July Letters’ (I could never figure out why the title is always off by a month). I have been part of the Duckworks clan for about a decade and written several articles for the magazine (radar reflectors, review of his LED running lights and stern light, and building bow pulpits, lifelines, and a mast). I hope some of you will come back in the future.

To a few of you who posted comments, I want to sincerely apologize…I deleted several of your comments as spam because I have gotten so cynical of the endless Viagra links and vague comments that had nothing to do with sailing. In my sleepy condition this morning I somehow assumed the spammers had developed a new strategy to copy in longer text blocks from other sailing sites to make them look legitimate…I regret to say I dumped several that were sincere comments and can’t recover them. I also can’t say why my  WordPress settings seem to classify all comments in as spam. I promise to look more carefully at any incoming comments from here on out!

Apologies, but all comments will now be moderated!

I have no desire to limit either positive or negative comments here (as long as the comments have to do with the site topic and do not lead to an obviously unrelated page), but I just discovered that some of the (vague but sincere sounding) comments with web addresses are simple spam, leading to pages touting Viagra, etc. I will try to approve comments daily and I apologize for the delay, but I had no idea spam came in so blatantly.  Such is the world of the internet.