Leslie Stewart

Leslie is a prolific poet, having produced four books in three years (I joke that even in conversation he rhymes!) His poems are a whimsical blend of fact and fantasy with poems about local characters of Eastern PEI as well as poems such as one about local fisherman towing an island down to the Caribbean for the Winter! Here are his books in chronological order:

Whats Goin On? Tall Tales and Fibs of Prince Edward Island I Did (ISBN 978-0-9783995-4-2)  (for link to amazon click here)

Sands of Time: Believable Island Stories (ISBN 978-0-9783995-7-3) (For link to Amazon click here)

Home at Last (ISBN 978-0-9783995-8-0) (For link to Amazon click here)

Go’Way: Island Folklore and More (ISBN 978-0-9866065-3-3) (For link to Amazon click here)

His latest book, considerably longer book includes many short stories. Some Book of Island Story-isms is available either from Leslie or through Amazon.

Leslie's newest book
Leslie’s newest book