Montague Writers Guild

Begun in 2008, this group has met regularly at the Montague Library and also produced three books of collected pieces by the members. While the first edition of the first book is discontinued, the other two are available through Amazon or from Gary Gray, the current president of the writers guild at These collections focus on details of Island life and history in both poetry and prose.

Prince Edward Island Tales (ISBN 978-0-9783995-3-5) (discontinued) (For link to Amazon click here)

Prince Edward Island Tales second edition (ISBN 978-0-9783995-6-6) (For link to Amazon click here)

More Prince Edward Island Tales (ISBN 978-0-9866065-0-2) (For link to Amazon click here)

VOICES book cover

VOICES (ISBN 978-0-9918033-8-5) is the third book of collected poems and writings by sixteen members of the group. They have gone to a full-colour interior with many photographs, but retained the focus on Prince Edward Island as they remember it and as they love it now.