Tom Rath

Tom Rath's first Donkey Oatie book
Tom Rath’s first Donkey Oatie book

Here is Tom’s first book about a Donkey: Donkey Oatie’s Impossible Dream. In this one he wants to be a cow. The simple text is enhanced by the charming illustrations done by Greg MacAdam. It is available from Tom as well as on Amazon. His second book is also available now: Donkey Oatie’s Fashion Statement. In this one he discovers that braids, body piercings and tattoos overdo it for a simple donkey. It too is available through Amazon.

donkey book #2
donkey book #2








Tom has written several other books and many magazine articles, but he recently published a new collection of children’s bedtime stories:
KittenCat Adventures for a Special Person (ISBN 978-0-9783995-9-7) has 20 illustrated poems all written from the perspective of the cat for children (or other catpersons). He has copies available and can be reached at


new Kitten
Cat book



Tom has recently re-released his book in a larger, full colour format which can now be ordered through Amazon as well as directly through him. It is a larger-print version which allows most of the poem lines to remain unbroken due to the increased pagewidth.