Tom Schultz

I am both the publisher and one of the authors. It all began with an Electronics-Programming textbook that I had written for a commercial publisher and eventually published myself. C and the 8051 4th edition (ISBN 978-0-9783995-0-4) is a specialized text for electronics students and designers who want to program microcontrollers from the 8051-family in the C language. It is described in much detail on its own web site along with a blog about embedded microcontroller programming:

Having discovered how easy it was to become a “publisher” I decided to collect my early impressions of Prince Edward Island in a book, Prince Edward Island Seen “From Away” (ISBN 978-0-9783995-1-1). It includes observations as a first-time visitor, as a tourist, and as a resident–all written before the newness had worn off. The Amaxon page link is here: Prince Edward Island Seen “From Away”

I am currently writing two new books which have their own pages and blogs:

Revisiting Scripture is about taking a fresh look at how much Biblical support exists for teachings I’d heard ‘all my life.’ Visit my blog/web site at:

Never the Same Mistake Twice: Becoming a Sailor on Prince Edward Island is about the decade of experience with a 26′ Norman Cross-design trimaran with a combination of discussions about boat alterations and hardware and accounts of sailing trips in the area. Visit my blog/web site at