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Do you have a book lurking inside you? I can format your computer files and photos into a finished layout and use my connection to a Print on Demand printer to get you a few books (or a few hundred) for much less cost than you might think.

  1. If you have a book “inside” you which needs to get out, I am happy to give free book advice (of course you get what you pay for).
  2. I offer complete book layouts including photo enhancing for $200-300, depending on the complexity. All the books I have published so far are printed by Lightning Source in Tennessee, USA (and in the UK and Australia).  I handle the interface with Lightning Source and obtaining ISBN numbers. Print on Demand (POD) printing makes the process surprisingly inexpensive even if it is unlikely to set you up for retirement. A typical (6.6″ x 8.5″ of 120 pages with B&W interior and full colour soft cover) costs about $2.50 per copy to print (plus shipping charges)with about $110 setup fee. The shipping and printing unit costs decline with quantity, so if you supplied me with your fully-edited electronic (WORD or Wordperfect, for example) manuscript, it can come back to you as a box of 100 professional quality books complete with ISBN number in about 4 weeks for about $600.
  3. Or you too can become your own “publisher” with Lightning Source for no cost except time to learn the system.

 The fatal flaw in my “publishing” is a lack of marketing–for that each author is on their own at this point. Local-interest books (everything so far) can be easily sold in local gift shops. I am now working on two more books of my own which will not qualify for local-interest…what to do? I have started two blogs–one about sailing and one about Scripture and theology–in hopes of discovering ways to grow interest for books that need a wider market. If you have come to this page then perhaps the strategy is beginning to work!

I can be reached at or (902) 962-3335

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